June 14, 2005

^_^ :: 10:51

3 random laughs today:

"When privacy is outlawed, only outlaws will have privacy!"

"It's only pre-marital sex if you plan on getting married."

"Veni, vidi, vomiti."

June 04, 2005

new pals :: 20:00

Went to art class today, and there was a new girl. I hate to say this on the heels of the last entry, but she and I hated each other within 10 seconds of interaction.

I was moving the big model platform back towards the wall, instead of the center of the room. She asked me why I was moving it. I told her there were 5 more people coming, and there wouldn't be room for them to set up their easels otherwise. She said, "Well I need to be close to the model when I paint." Rather disconcerting from someone who has just come in halfway through an established 8-week session, no consideration for others, etc. I said, "Well then you'll have to move," and we exchanged that special glare that women have saved for each other for the past few million years. You know, the one where what we really want to do is whack each other with our purses, or coconuts, or whatever's at hand.

Since I don't want this blog to be about all the people I come across who drive me crazy, I'm glad to point out that during break, I heard three people whisper that they found her extremely annoying. She wanted the model clothed. She wanted the hair over the ear because she loves painting ears. She wanted, she wanted, ad nauseam.

And after class, two students and I decided to go out and have a drink together, something we'd all probably wanted to do before, but never found the right momentum to push us along. It's hard to make new friends sometimes. We laughed so hard and had such a good time that it was instant friends. That's pretty rare. The only thing that would have made it even better was if my pal Bronwen had been there too, but she missed class. Bad Bronwen! j/k :P

So thanks to that bitchy chick, I now have two new friends. I hope she keeps coming to class: I'll have a huge social circle in a couple of months if she does.

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