May 25, 2005

More :: 20:01

Ok, here's another boring vent. Sorry but hey, you can read umpteen more interesting blogs elsewhere, I'm not stopping you.

At work, I'm now using InDesign to produce graphic materials for this company. I'm much more familiar with Quark Xpress, which I've used for the last 12 years. I was very upfront about this, and they requested me anyway, presumably because they like what I've done in the past, regardless of this present handicap.

The girl with whom I'm sharing a cube is from the same temp agency I am. I was very clear early on Monday about how I'm learning this software as I go. She's nice. She really is. Cheerful, helpful, nice, and I need to drive that through first, because now I'm going to make her sound like a bitch.

I interrupted her a lot on the first day to ask how to do Quark things in InDesign. I'd only resort to this after the manual failed to inform me. Here's the problem. She now apparently thinks that I need supervision on everything. As in, "Did you print that out and give her a copy?" and "Did you make sure that... (insert stuff I've been doing for years)." All of this about projects that I'm working on, and she's not. She has zero responsibility about any mistakes I might make.

I tried about every angle today. I said "Yes, I know that" about 10 times. Adding the word "really" twice or thrice didn't help. I told her I've worked there a total of about 6 months before. That I've done the mag she's doing 8 times before. It doesn't matter. Nothing makes a dent in her perception that I am clueless.

The situation hit a real low when she set up the mag files I'll be working on next week, for me. (She'll be gone then.) She was going out of her way to make it 'easy' for me. She was deleting content. I said, "It would actually be easier for me if you left the files as they are; I like to compare old and new content as I'm formatting it, on the fly." "Oh but it's better this way, you can just place text and pics". "Yeah but I like to see how things lined up before, in the same file." "But it makes me uncomfortable, you might forget to delete old content."


That last one gave me a familiar rise in adrenaline, the one I need to ignore, so that bad words won't come out of my mouth. Barely made it. I said, "You know what? Just do it your way. Do whatever makes you happy." And smiled. I've been told this smile is kind of scary but I can't help it, it's automatic in certain situations. I think it made an impression, as the weather between us became more glacial for a couple of hours.

And now I'm aware that every question I might ask her reinforces her view that I'm clueless. But I'm also aware that if I spend too much time reading the manual, she notices and fritters about the time I'm 'wasting'.

Bah. At least writing this thing has made things clear for me: just stay calm and ignore the condescending comments. This too shall pass. And even though I had 3 files rejected by the printer (as in printing-press printer), due to pilot error, I can rest on the fact that the last time this happened to me was about five years ago, and this is learning-new-software pains, and it's all ok.

*insert smile that is rather calm and not at all frightening, really. Really really really*

This that and the other :: 18:27

I was just told yesterday, at work, that instead of showing up at 9:00 am well, 9:15 well ok, 9:30 on the really bad days I now need to show up at 8:00 am. The reason I was given: "We just changed our hourly system so nobody is supposed to put in overtime." This logic left me rather confused, because hey, if left to my own devices, I'm the last one they need to be worried about in regards to overtime. Let me show up at 10:00! Problem solved! Right?

It took me about 30 minutes (I was very, very sleepy) to realize the subtext was that I need to be there when they are, because they must leave at 5:00 pm.

That was very boring, wasn't it? Sorry. But it still sucks for me, they're 45 minutes away, boohoo, sniff, vent. It's my blog and I can be boring if I want to.

A huge apology to skinny, whose site I misdirected as in a post below. He is in fact Sorry, went woolgathering.

May 23, 2005

kafkaesque kind of day :: 18:53

Uh... Hello? (???)

Back at work today, and after having grown the habit of staying up until 4:00 am for the last couple weeks, I was so afraid I wouldn't get enough sleep last night that I kept waking myself up to look at the clock. I managed about 3 1/2 hours, at the end of which I incorporated hitting the snooze into a logical dream sequence that lasted about an hour.

Hello (???)

I woke up with a pimple right smack at the tip of my nose. Blah. At least it's not one of those that's right inside your nostril, and you scratch it by accident and it feels like someone just stuck a ginsu knife right up your nose. You know those?

So it turns out that at work, I'm replacing someone who had an aneurism two weeks ago. It looks like she's going to be alright, but in the meantime, I'm having to call people from her phone, and everyone answers like this, as they see her extension:

Uh........ Hello? (???)

If I was really twisted, I'd whisper, "Hi..... this is Nancy.... just wanted to say a final goodbye...." and hang-up. Because clearly, that's what they expect.

I'm hesitant to actually post that so I'll click 'go' now and do something else. You too.

May 17, 2005

All stories should end like this :: 20:24

Part B of the Computer Experience must be included too:

In desperation, I installed the system on my 2nd larger drive, and... it's perfect. All my user settings were transferred automatically, and suddenly, my comp's faster than it's been in aaaaaaages. It's so fast, when I downloaded something that would usually take at least 8 seconds, it downloaded instantly. I actually checked to see if there was an error. Heheh.

Tiger so pretty. Creative Suite so nice.


May 16, 2005

P.S. :: 23:50

Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHA.

So everything was working fine, and the automatic "Software update" detected that there was already a system 10.4.1 out. Tiger is 10.4. I said "ok", and downloaded and installed it.

Now my comp won't boot up except on the installer disc. The installer will only give me the option to install an additional system, and I don't have the room.

Excuse me while I go shopping.

01000001 01110010 01100111 01101000 :: 22:28

The last couple of days really capture the essence of the Computer Experience for me.

It all started with this design assignment I'm starting next Monday. They're using Adobe's Creative Suite, and though I'm familiar with most of the programs in it, I've seldom used InDesign. My last experience with it in a working environment was disastrous. I've been using Quark XPress for so many years that I kept using those keyboard shortcuts. I had to "undo" at least 100 times in one day, maybe more. I shit you not.

So I thought: I'll go ahead and bite the bullet, and buy the Creative Suite, so I can practice. This makes tons of sense professionally in the long run, too. Plus, I get the teacher's discount through my babe. I looked up system requirements, and it appeared that my present computer could handle it.

I repeat: it appeared that my present computer could handle it.

All I needed was to add some RAM. A knight in shining armor procured some for me, I stuck it in (more than 800 megs now, woohoo!)

I'll spare you the long sop story that nearly made me want to commit harikari. The problem resided in a note, buried deep in the small print of a read-me, that Mac OS 10.2.8 requires installation on the main drive, where I had little space left.

Ergo, if I want to install CS, I had to upgrade the operating system. Cos I sure wasn't going to chuck or move what I had on the main, rather small drive.

So I bit the bullet and bought Tiger, and hey, nobody had to twist my arm too much, it looks mighty good.

I'll spare you the long sop story that made me want to commit harikari. It involved 3 re-installations and many appeals to Shiva not to destroy my files. It resulted in my computer system being perfectly fine and crash-free, except that I only had a Unix command line and no graphic interface. And the only Unix I don't have to look up is ls and cd.

I looked my problem up online from another computer, and, heheh!! The problem was a certain 3rd party RAM stick.

Take out the RAM, re-install the system, re-install the RAM, re-install CS, and voila. The computer will now make my life easier!


May 09, 2005

Um, yeah. :: 14:58

I don't know if it's because I went so deep into "disciplined" mode for 3 days (drawing/painting 30 hours), but I suddenly decided to take on another adventure.

*Cough* *Cough*

Hey, at least I finished the damn thing for once. An oldie but still a goodie IMO.

I'm almost out of stupid things to do with my time. Almost.

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