April 30, 2005

Deep Dives :: 11:28

I'm in a deep ocean, swimming up and up and up....

AH, I'm resurfacing. Hello.

From this diagram, which took umpteen hours to design....

... these were born:

Altogether, from designing them, to buying the wood, sanding, priming, painting, drilling, puttying, and repainting, I'd guess I've put about 90 hours into that little project.

Good news in Art: I've decided to take a disciplined approach with myself in regards to not producing enough of it. It's Confucian. It's "Stop talking about it and do it like it's a job." It means I'm practicing the Kung Fu of not starting my day watching Star Trek episodes, but doing Art first, for hours; taking some time to wolf down an MRE, then doing Art for some hours more. THEN I get to watch Star Trek episodes. So far, it's been extremely productive. HaaaayeeeeYA! (That's my art roundhouse sound).

Time to dive back in now. Bye. Thanks for reading.

April 13, 2005

Quick fun :: 12:39

Here's a fun little thing to twist your left and right brain in a knot.

Escapism 101 :: 12:34

So. Middle of week number two of "vacation".

You know how you're at work and you're thinking, if I was home, I could be doing X Y and Z?
I was absolutely certain that as soon as last week started, I'd jump into those things with gusto.
I'd finish putting together the shelves, which are now gathering dust. I'd clean the place from top to bottom. I'd re-arrange my 'art' area so I could do actual art. I'd paint, write and read.

But I found myself sitting on the couch, finishing a paragraph in a book, ready for the next step, and nothing appealed. Worse, everything actively repulsed me. Even my little online places where I fritter and waste the hours away in an offhand way.

Feels like the height of ungratefulness.

I did do 13 loads of laundry, so it's not a complete wash. Err....

And I did read. Boy did I read:
Reservation Blues (Sherman Alexie)
Mating (Norman Rush)
On Writing (Stephen King)
House of Sand and Fog (Andre Dubus III)
Opening Skinner's Box (Lauren Slater)

and I'm in the middle of
Influence - the psychology of persuasion (Robert Cialdini)

I also spent hours and hours reading various interviews at Suicide Girls.

And finding out a LOT I didn't know about one of my favorite authors, Andrew Vachss.

Boring blog, huh?

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