September 23, 2004

o_O :: 00:17

Wow so it's only been... 3 months since I last wrote? What a speedster.

But hey, I have 1, or 31 excuses. My to-do list for the next month looks something like this:

1. Finish invitations (that are late)
2. Make & send the Frenchies' announcements (that are late)
3. Show up at work next week (don't be late)
4. Get a veil. Shoes. Jewelry. Hair cut. Hair color. Make up.
5. Get rings. Get marriage licence.
6. Send change of address notices to a million places, 1/2 of which I can't think of.
7. Design & production of freelance logo & letterhead.
8. Ditto & Ditto of Ditto restaurant brochure.
9. Quit Neopets.
10. Write back the minister about what we want for vows. (I vow to still want to marry you after what it took to plan it! Now that says SOMETHING.)
11. Do all dishes.
12. Do all laundry.
13. Pay bills, hello, how are you going to write your uber-interesting blogs without electricity?
14. Go to dress fittings.
15. Buy presents for wedding parties.
16. Eat.
17. Do change-of-name paperwork.
18. Oh yeah, pack up your stuff, you're moving.
19. Throw away 1/2 your stuff.
20. Wash the truck, people think it's a bigger model 'cause the crap on it is that thick.
21. Sleep.
22. Find some basket for the flower girl.
23. Plan for & buy dress for maid of honor.
24. Quit Neopets.
25. Go to the doctor and beg for drugs so you can walk down the aisle looking like you haven't been a nutcase for the last 3 months.
26. Get cat his shots.
27. Might be faster to shoot the cat.
28. Eat again.
29. Think up and prepare a halloween costume for the 2 parties you're going to 4 days after you wedding.
30. Quit Neopets. At least for a little while. What do you say?
31. Sleep again.

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