May 19, 2004

Today's adventure :: 23:28

When I stepped out of the building to go to lunch today, I heard a cat desperately meowing in the parking lot. Another woman was walking out with me, and I turned to her and asked, "Am I hallucinating or do you hear that too?" (Too many drugs in my past I guess).

(Just kidding mom, if you ever read this, I never tried anything.)

She said "Yeah, where's it coming from?" I shrugged and started walking away, but noticed her walking towards the sound, so I veered back to check it out with her.

"It's under that car", she said. I squatted to take a look, and there was this terrified black cat, a black cat who looked eerily like my neighbor's cat Ruttiger. I called to it and it came immediately to me, like Ruttiger does. I petted it and it liked it, like Ruttiger does. Conclusion: this cat must be Ruttiger!

As ingenious a tool as my brain is, it immediately came up with an explanation for how this cat got in a parking lot 20 miles away from my house. He must have been sleeping in the bed of my pick-up truck, and I drove away to work without noticing, then when I finally stopped he jumped out of the truck and started cowering in the parking lot.

So what do you do when you're holding your neighbor's cat, the one that miraculously did not fly out of the truck bed over 20 miles of fast highway driving?

You take him home, of course. In the cab that time.

There was an accident on the highway, took me 1 hour and fifteen minutes to get home. After which I went to my neighbor's door, was greeted by the neighbor... and by Ruttiger rubbing himself around her leg.

So now I don't know what to do with this fucking cat. He's 20 miles away from where he was lost. I've signed up with 5 online lost and found services, I've checked the paper, I've made a poster so I can plant it by the parking lot road tomorrow. I've put in an order for a new more ingenious brain.

Anybody want a cat? He's really friendly! Loves his belly rubbed. Just like Ruttiger.

May 16, 2004

Top 10 reasons to go back in the womb :: 23:37

10) It was warm
9) It was wet (I have chronic dry skin problems)
8) It was relatively quiet
7) Someone was carrying me around everywhere I went
6) I wasn't addicted to smoking hell, I wasn't even addicted to breathing
5) No bills to pay
4) No exercise except for a kick here and there
3) I could kick someone whenever I felt like it (see above)
2) No tejano music
1) No work!

Heehee :: 20:51

Wow, I'm feeling rather good at the moment. I asked my perl guru friend, who asked the programmer of the very software I'm running. LOL

"Nice being able to go right to THE source of UBB for the answer" -- yeah no kiddin'!! =)

Thanks Mark. *humbly bows* Thanks Charles. *bows again*

Boards are up & running. =)

Broken board :: 17:59

Sorry to anyone who wanted to read/post on the boards, and finds them dead. Thanks to Kryttre for bringing it to my attention. =)

Unfortunately, the perl error means nothing to me, and I can only surmise that some setting was changed on my server. I'm putting some feelers out there to my perl gurus, but it's hard to ask people to spend time freely to fix something that's not even theirs. :o

The software is now pretty obsolete, especially judging by the support forums at Infopop.

I'm thinking, if it can be fixed, great, if it can't............. the boards might have breathed their last (or at least, these boards specifically.)

I'll update here again as soon as I know more. Thanks!

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