February 20, 2004

This game :: 00:38

On it's called Plushie Tycoon.

You're given 50,000 neopoints, and to win the game, you simply have to end up with 50,001 points or more.

You pay rent on a factory, a warehouse and a store. You purchase raw materials to make plushies (stuffed animals), hire workers, and manage manufacture.

The game is played in real time, 9-5 in a timezone of your choice, and lasts a month. The material prices vary every hour. There are 5 types of workers to choose from; the cheaper ones don't work as much as the more expensive ones... You can do all sorts of upgrades to your store, which help plushies sell. You don't know how much your plushies will sell for until they're in your store (or unless another player tells you what theirs sell for.) So the only way to really know what you're doing is to calculate *everything* and see what plushies are the most profitable.

The average number of players who win this game every month (ie, make at least a 1 point profit): 100.

The game's programmer just told us how many people actually play every month, on average: 50,000.

Heheh! Crazy game. Crazy site. :-)

February 13, 2004

... :: 01:52

Opponents of gays being allowed to marry want to "protect the institution of marriage." Aren't they the ones introducing the idea that marriage is weak, by suggesting that two gay people getting married some place are going to harm theirs, or anyone else's?

This isn't about protecting the institution of marriage. It's about protecting a paragraph from an ancient document that says you are evil and will go to hell if you introduce your penis in the anus of someone else with a penis. And that giving one tiny little inch into the idea (sorry, bad analogy flow) that this paragraph is BUNK would mean that the WHOLE book is bunk.

I would so love to introduce the idea to these people that the paragraph could be bunk, and the document in question still sacred. That saying it's either all right or it falls apart in itself suggests that the document is weak, ready to fall apart at the slightest miscue.

All that, and they tell others to have faith?

February 11, 2004

Fulsome :: 23:00

I thought I was prepared for the feast/famine aspect of doing freelance design, but... yikes. Last Thursday I went from sitting around for 2 weeks to pulling 12-hour days at a corporation, to save their art director from the mess of having to format 4 publications in 7 workdays 2 magazines and 2 supplements. It is a nightmare of content. One of the 4-page spreads I had to do, for instance, contained a list of 900 award-winners' names.

You really have to know your software to deal with that amount of information, fast. :O

I don't mind because it's buku dough. Also, I don't know what they put in the drinking fountains over there, but people seem genuinely happy. Not the cheesy "Go Team!" happy, either, but people cracking up and being pleasant while working their asses off.

--I got a new DSL modem today. Already? Yes already. That's what happens when lightning strikes right next to your house and fries the stupid damn thing. For some inexplicable but divine reason, the new one is MUCH faster. WTH?

Got pulled over for expired inspection & registration. I had an inkling that would happen with both of those big fat 03's on my windshield. And to round out the numerological creaming I took, my ticket's for $300.

Conclusion: 3 is not my lucky number.

February 03, 2004

>:[ ! :: 14:54

AOL: This is AOL, how may I help you?
Me: Yes hi I'm calling to cancel my account.
AOL: [Various questions to validate my identity]
AOL: May I ask why you're cancelling your account with us today?

Me: I switched to broadband, and they had a better deal than AOL could offer.
AOL: Did you know you can still use your current AOL account with your broadband connection for only $14.95 a month?
Me: There really wouldn't be any advantage for me in doing that.
AOL: Is your new connection cable or DSL?

Me: ... DSL.
AOL: And how long have you had this connection?
I'm really not interested in answering questions, I'd just like to cancel my account.
AOL: Well, we are cancelling your account. I'm just asking a few friendly questions.
Me: I understand, but in the end it's for AOL marketing purposes, to understand why they're losing customers, and I'm not interested in doing that.
AOL: You sound like you're on edge today.
Me: ... (?)
AOL: Ms.____, are you using your DSL connection primarily for business or personal reasons?
Me: (?!) I told you, I don't want to answer questions, I just want to cancel my account.

AOL: Surely you understand that if you were a business owner, and you were losing a customer, you'd want to ask them why they're leaving.
Me: Yes, but I don't want to answer anything, so please just cancel my account.
AOL: Wow, you are really on edge today. I'm just making friendly conversation, asking you questions so --
Me: --Don't take it personally, just cancel my account please!!
AOL: How can I not take it personally, when you're speaking to me like that, especially when I'm just being friendly and --
Me: Can you... can you... look! Just stop with all questions and cancel my account! That is all!
AOL: You've been a customer for 9 years, surely you can understand why --
Me: --Let me talk to your supervisor.
AOL: --we'd want to--
Me: --Let me talk to your supervisor.
AOL: She's just going to ask you the same questions.
Me: ... (*#&#$*#)
AOL: Ms. ____, do you have any children?

Me: None of your business!! (*#&#$*#!!!)
AOL: I have to get an answer to get to the next screen.
Me: Write anything you like, I don't care!!
AOL: Wow, you really are mad. Now does your family primarily use the internet to 1) --
Me: --I won't answer.
AOL: ...
Me: --Is my account cancelled?
AOL: Yes, but I want to let you know that should you decide to come back to AOL, you can just go the --

Me: --click

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