January 31, 2004

What day is it, and other problems :: 13:03

Ok this is the deal. I don't really do well with a lot of time off. I've just had another 2 weeks off, which I didn't see coming.

One, it depresses me, so I escape by becoming an online game zombie. Two, it makes me lazy, so I'll indulge in all sorts of fun things, mostly involving going online to play games. 3, everyone else is working, so I feel socially isolated, which I compensate for by playing games online. I don't know how to fix being depressed, lazy and anti-social. Let me go play some games on the web while I ponder that.

January 23, 2004

Stream of consciousness Entry :: 20:26

Favorite song of the moment: Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Somebody save the compulsive freak that I am from the loop feature on iTunes, please, before my neighbors kill themselves.

I've got a 25-pound cat on my lap, do you?

Least favorite moment of the day: when I was interviewing at a huge insurance agency for future freelance work, and when the guy was explaining that their work isn't as stiff as you might expect, between corporate and... corporate and... I chimed in with "hippie?" out of nowhere, for no reason. Then realized the guy in question is probably exactly that: a hippie. Kinda longish hair, relaxed clothes, and might have worn sandals if it was allowed. So then I wanted to explain that there's nothing wrong with hippies except that's not an appropriate topic of conversation when you're interviewing for design work at a corporation, really. Instead, my stomach suddenly growled in the silence like I hadn't eaten in 3 days, also for no reason except I hadn't eaten lunch. I love the human condition don't you?

I dunno if I should do stream of consciousness, loose writing here, really. Eats up lots of space dunnit?

*screen fades to white dot in the center*

January 19, 2004

She's alive, she's alive! :: 20:28

I am beginning to resurface from the deep dark hole I was nesting in. A deep dark hole with Belgian chocolates, a cozy blanket, a candle and some good reading material. It was nice, but rather antisocial.

2 bits of good news. 1, I gots me a job. I'm just starting my 3rd week with a temp agency dealing with graphic designers, and already I'm thinking this is pretty damn perfect. I don't have to cold-call anyone for work, I just get told when and where to show up for the work they're finding me... So, yummy goodie, and it's nice to have some bread again.

2, I just got broadband. Today. I'm sad to let go of my 9-year old email address (sniff, sniff) but $3 more a month for DSL is just too good to ignore. Welcome to the 21st century, scattergirl.

Lastly, I'm beginning to sink into wedding preparations. I've an account with a planning help site, and there are only 187 more things for me to do until October. (And believe it or not, not ONE of them is a small thing. They're all on a par with: choose & order your bridesmaids' dresses.) I've also contacted Rush Limbaugh's connection for 10 months' worth of Valium, so I think I'm set.

L8r T8rs.

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