September 30, 2003

While waiting for basketball season to begin... :: 20:26

I just got an email from the Dallas Mavericks' team physician, at home.

Ok, ok, so he's writing me in response to an ad I designed for him, and work email was down today, but still. :-)

Not much else going on, except that my high hopes for smooth Franco-American relations this Thanksgiving are already tanking. It could happen in California, it could happen in Arizona, but trying to get the parties to compromise on location is starting to resemble UN resolution clusterf**ks by two certain nations. Everybody wants to have their dinde and eat it too.


September 28, 2003

o.O :: 18:21

Doesn't it figure. Now that I got my blog set up again, I feel that I have nothing interesting to say. I need to reboot my head.

September 25, 2003

Here's the scoop :: 11:15

New blog, new front page. Bye-bye old entries, oh well.

I've just had a harrowing 2 days during which I came so close to dumping my webhost that I started planning out moving the Forums. Yikes.

Thankfully Brandon Evans over there (my host) finally pulled through and did a clean reinstall of MT for me. My support ticket was starting to look like "Nya nya nya!" "No, neh neh neh!" but he put a clean stop to that. Good guy. If I had a company I'd want all my employees to be Brandon.

Thanks Mark Badolato and Morbus for the geek insight. I need all the help I can get when I can't even remember how to telnet. (Mark: "Uh, you type telnet" LOL)

Ok, I'll only admit this once, but now I'm kinda glad to have a fresh start and a fresh look.

Onward, soldiers. Toodaloo, etc.

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